Farm yard manures

Farm yard manures

Fodder dung of animal dung, urine, animal husbandry waste and livestock left by animals, grass grass etc. and other method. Organic substances in organic pesticides are composted in the pits, which are called dung manure. It can be used for dung, urine And electricity etc. It is called the Farm Yard Manures.

Methods of farm yard manures

There are three main ways to make it

  • Heap system
  • Pit system

Pit methods

  1. Dung manure pits are dug out of the village.
1Pits size * width * height depends on number of animals but depth should not exceed 1 meter.
  1. Pit should be made in the proper place so that rainwater does not get flowing, usually 12 × 8 × 4 and 4 × 8 feet pits are made.
  2. As per requirement, make 2 or 3 gates of the above size should not be kept in any condition for more than 4 feet or 1 meter depth, because the germs that do not have any ventilation due to in-depth communication can not work smoothly.
  3. The best bed size should be 3 * 2 * 1 meter.
  4. Every day the garbage, poultry, urine and ash fill are filled in the pit. After 15 days, the animal is laid in the pit till the ground height is 45 centimeters then the filling should be stopped.
  5. Closing of the pit protects against the composting of the compost and water, and the compost rashes properly and the nitrogen prevents the destruction of ammonia.

Preparation of dung compost by heap system

It is an unscientific method.Most farmers prepare the dung by placing them in a square place. In this way, there is low loss in making dung manure.
  • In this method, about 33% of the nitrogen contained in it can be destroyed in the air and dissipated in rain water, in this way phosphorus and potash are also destroyed.
  • Composting can not be read properly and plants can not use nutrients quickly when planted.
  • Fertilization can not be destroyed between the weeds in the incomplete form and in the farm a new problem arises in front of the farmers.
  • Grain crops have adverse effects.
  • On keeping open manure, insects make their home etc. and the mosquitoes reaching the pits in the pits will increase mosquitoes.
Today we learn how to make farm yard manures Methods.

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